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Cognitive Computing Factory

CCF finds its roots in delivering quality consulting services to our customers, who needed to go through the changes that new cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence and the breathtaking world of IOT brought them.

Today we live the information race of the 21st century, we are facing massive political changes in the world, and by the way, the technology rug is being pulled from under our feet.

The changes that are happening in technology are sometimes overwhelming and for many of us incomprehensible. Technology companies can add features and complexity to their products at a much more rapid rate then their customers have the ability to consume them. The gap between what technology can do for us and what mankind can adapt to is growing.

Consumption economics
Consumption economics – J. B. Wood

The Cognitive Computing Factory focusses on bringing organizations forward with this in mind. We introduce cognitive computing, we change production processes, always keeping in mind that customers, consumers, employees need to work with these new technologies. The paradigm-shift that quantum informatics brings in our knowledge intensive world is mind-boggling sometimes. Like shifting gear from industry revolution 1.0 direct to 4.0. This is where we need to keep the pace with people. The value we can bring, the value that we create, can only be real if the value is accepted.

Today's technology business has a lineup of frustrations to deal with: High-implementation cost, Lack of interoperability, extra-ordinary complexity - just to name a few.

Management needs to deal with this on a day today basis. The new era of computing that is right in front of us demands a new thinking in the Value Curve. The Value Curve, being the continuous flow of value creation, bearing in mind the current frustrations of introducing new technologies, in raising earnings, creating Intellectual property, reduce cost and eliminate waste.

The unique technology opportunity that lays ahead also brings responsibility and CCF strives to create an environment that is open to every individual with the highest business acumen. The insight new information gives us, the competitive advantages we gain for our customers are dealt with prudence. As we expect from our customers that the value creation that we bring is used in an equitable manner, with the highest respect to all people entangled.

Exponential Value Curve

The advances in quantum technologies, energy systems and nano-technologies will likely to exponentially impact growth. The exponentials will jump start a transformation that for some are already happening, and some still need to understand them. Understanding the exponentials is the first step. To be able to recognize the exponentials an organization needs to learn to see them and to carefully implement them in an ethical way, as well as aligning them with its core values. CCF focusses on re-framing the way we see technology to create exponentials.

Cognitive Computing Factory
Cognitive Computing Factory – Herbert van Sintemaartensdijk

People are predictably itrrational drive towards creating a value curve for the future that exponentially impacts business.

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